living in the city, London UK

groupa_logo.pngTeam : Jaap van Dijk, Folkert van Hagen, Maarten van Bremen, Adam visser, WSA

'Text GroupA'

Large metropolises like London need projects that endorse urban policies aimed at minimising commuter traffic, increasing services and facilities and protecting the historical landscape. In order to achieve these aims GROUP A has designed a 'Superblock' for a location at Bishopsgate Goodsyard, where different lifestyles and social groups could live within one building. This Superblock, built on an existing base, comprises a series of sculptural blocks that as a whole define a characteristic new urban strategy. The Superblock offers a variety of housing typologies as well as an complementary urban program. Both the urban program and the inhabitants will enhance the liveliness of the newly structured area. The Superblock is a city within the city.