dockhotel rotterdam

(text Goldsmith)


The Dockhotel is situated within the Dokhaven of the former RDM wharf. In the heydays of industrial activity, the Dokhaven was known for ship repair on a fleet of majestic dry docks. Now the harbor is a breeding ground for education, innovation and sustainability. The design for the Dockhotel complements both the industrial heritage and raw characteristics of this location, as well as fulfilling a functional role in this future development. Visitors enter via the pier, which used to give access to the dry docks, onto one of the two gangways that enclose the lobby and restaurant. These gangways facilitate the anchoring of various boats and water taxi’s, as well as a large terrace and supply entrances. The architecture is articulated by a black exo-skeleton. These steel beams frame considerably large glass windows that enclose 4 types of hotel rooms. Fitting to a floating building; solar energy, rainwater storage, a grey water circuit and a climate system that makes use of the surface water for heating and cooling are integrated in the design. The size and rationality of the module, the singular building volume and materialization, and the integral sustainable solutions make the Dockhotel a fitting contribution to the heart of the present Dokhaven