business circuit

groupa_logo.pngTeam : Folkert van Hagen, Maarten van Bremen, Jaap van Dijk, Adam visser, Michiel Miedema, Christina Murphy.

'Text GroupA'

Business Circuit can be interpreted as an assembly of two separate office buildings, whose visual and functional quality is ensured through the creation of a coherent appearance on all levels. Crash-barriers, easily recognizable along the Dutch highways, have been chosen as a facade material. The rough texture of this material enhances the buildings' strong industrial appearance, whilst the composition of the glass paneling in the facade has been detailed with great care. The different shapes and the rhythmic composition of the openings in the facades convey the programmatic differences between the two buildings. The linear graphics on the surrounding road surface are a reference to the crash-barriers used in the facade; the name 'Business Circuit' therefore sprang to mind.