Boostergemaal Zuid Amsterdam

groupa_logo.pngTeam: Jaap van Dijk, Maarten van Bremen, Folkert van Hagen, Adam visser, Jasper Hermans, Christina Murphy, Alejandro Noe

'Text GroupA'

Booster Station-Zuid in Amsterdam is primarily a utility building which contains a technical plant, a pumping-engine for sluicing out sewage. The location in the public realm asks for a careful design, especially because Booster is located next to a busy traffic junction, where elevated metro lines, railways, roads and motorways intersect. The building can be seen as a metaphorical reference to a streamlined engine. The clinging, aerodynamic skin forms an envelope for the buildings technical program. It also emphasises the relation between form and function the building reveals its ducts. The constant stream of passengers by car, metro, train or bicycle perceive the Booster Station as a futuristic sculpture. With its cladding of stainless steel panels it reflects the movements, shapes and colours of the environment. At night the illuminated seams in the steal skin make the building look like a mesh-model. Mass turns into mesh.